Claudette Clobbers Lubes Meeting


Hurricane Claudette came ashore in Texas yesterday, and washed outthe APILubricants Committee meeting that was scheduled for Houston today, aspokeswoman said.

A conference call to cover the standards meeting agenda will be scheduled at a later date, the American Petroleum Institute advised members. At the moment, no face-to-face Lubricants Committee meetings are planned before the July 30 ILSAC/Oil meeting. The ILSAC/Oil group is awaiting APIs response toits proposed GF-4 gasoline engine oil upgrade;ILSAC said last monththat API must accept the proposal in its entirety by July16 for the specification to proceed (see GF-4 Showdown, Lube Report, July 2).

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Todays abortedstandards meeting had two agenda items. The first was to review options for the next API S engine oil category versus the GF-4 specification. Secondwas the issue of obsolete S category engine oils. The attendees were toreview the obsolete category descriptions shown onAPIs Motor Oil Guide shelf card, and also were to discuss a letter from LubesnGreases magazine asking the instituteto take stronger steps to inform unwary consumersaboutAPI SA/SB engine oils.

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