Crompton Upping Antioxidant Output


Crompton Corp. announced that it is expanding capacity to produce alkylated diphenylamine antioxidants at its factory in Latina, Italy. The company, based in Middlebury, Conn., did not disclose the cost or size of the expansion.

Cromptons alkylated diphenylamine antioxidants, marketed under the Naugalube brand, are liquid additives used to protect automotive lubricants, hydraulic and turbine oils and greases from degradation caused by heat and oxygen. Crompton said they are among the Petroleum Additives divisions fastest growing products, due to global changes in motor oil specifications.

The Latina plant also manufactures rubber and plastics additives, crop protection chemicals, and castable urethane prepolymers. The aminic antioxidants expansion is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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