Ghana Oil to Launch Blending Plant in 2019


Ghana Oil Co. plans to open a $10 million lubricants blending plant in Ghana in 2019 – the third such plant in Ghana and only the second to market products within the country.

Ghanas Tema Lube Oil Co. runs a blending plant in the country, manufacturing lubes for the domestic market. Nigerian-owned Lubcon International Ltd. operates the countrys other existing blending plant, in Ghanas Free Trade Zone, and markets its lubricants production to export markets.

Ghana Oil indicated in its 2016 annual report that it took steps to raise 150 million Ghanaian Cedi [U.S. $32.4 million] in capital to undertake certain key projects, including a lubricant blending plant in Tema.

Alex Adzew, chief operating officer for Ghana Oil, told Lube Report at the 6th ICIS African Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Accra, Ghana, that the company plans to commission its new plant in 2019. According to Adzew, the plant is expected to cost $10 million and will be designed with capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 tons per year. He said the plant will produce lubricants using API Group II base oil because there is a move towards Group II in the country.

We will use the engineering, procurement, construction approach so that we shall just take delivery of the plant and start operation right away, Adzew said. Under such arrangements, contractors design and build facilities before turning them over to clients.



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