Quaker Acquires Canadian MWF Maker


Quaker Chemical Corp., one of the worlds biggest suppliers of metalworking fluids, purchased Lubricor Inc., a Canadian company offering similar products, for $11.8 million on Nov. 30.

Officials from Quaker said they were drawn to Lubricor for its product portfolio, which includes a universal metalworking fluid.

Lubricor sells $10 million of product annually, mostly to its North American customers, but also into Southeast Asia via a distributor based in Thailand. In 2015, Quakers annual sales were at $737.6 million.

Lubricor describes one of its products, Hydrosol 5035, as a semi-synthetic, universal cutting fluid that currently competes well in the market. Quaker officials said they consider it a valuable addition to their product line. As with any acquisition, Joe Berquist, managing director of North American operations and vice president at Quaker, noted, we will try and leverage the existing strengths to expand our offer to customers globally. That may mean selling the Hydrosol 5035 under the Quaker brand, or incorporating the technical building blocks into new formulas.

Berquist said Quaker believes Lubricor still has potential to grow in North America and that it will continue focusing on that region under Quakers ownership.

As a result of the acquisition, Quaker will gain Lubricors facilities in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and Ramos Arizpe, Cohuilla, Mexico. Quaker intends to keep both facilities open, with the Waterloo facility acting as the primary technology and manufacturing center for Lubricor.

Quaker will also continue to support Lubricors lab at the Waterloo facility. We want the Lubricor team to continue to be innovative with product development, and maintain the responsive customer service they are known for.