ATIEL Publishes New Lists of Conformance Signatories


ATIEL published on its website new lists of lubricant marketers and base stock manufacturers that have signed letters of conformance confirming adherence to the requirements of the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System and the ATIEL Code of Practice.

ATIEL, the European lubricants industrys technical association, administers the system on behalf of the automobile, lubricant and lubricant additive segments.

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The list contains all those companies that have signed and submitted to ATIEL new versions of the letters of conformance, which went into effect Nov. 1 and are valid until Oct. 31, 2017. The new list of lubricant marketer signatories also now includes details of the lubricant brands that are covered by each marketers letter of conformance. This is designed to bring greater transparency around the products on the market making performance claims against the ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers Association) Oil Sequences, and which have been developed in accordance with the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System, ATIEL said in a news release.

The system was developed jointly by ACEA, ATC (the Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe) and ATIEL. It covers various quality standards, test methods and procedures, together with industry codes of practice and the requirements of the ACEA European Oil Sequences.

Both base stock manufacturers and lubricant marketers letters of conformance cover set periods, and signatories are required to reaffirm their commitment to the system by re-signing the letter for a further validity period as the current one ends. The lists are regularly updated to add new signatories.

The new lists of letter of conformance signatories may be viewed online here.

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