Rerefinery Opens in Uzbekistan


Uzbek-Bulgarian joint venture Uz-Prista Recycling started its rerefinery in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in trial mode and scheduled a grand opening for May, Prista told Lube Report last week.

The project was originally planned to be completed and streaming base oil by the end of 2014.

The plant has capacity to process 43,000 metric tons of used oil annually and to produce 30,000 tons per year of base oil. The rerefinery is able to produce API Group I and Group II base oils using vacuum distillation and hydrofinishing technology licensed from India-based Sequoia Global Inc., according to Prista.

Most of the produced base oils will be supplied to finished lubricant manufacturer Uz-Prista Oil, another joint venture specializing in production of mineral and synthetic lubricants, an Uznefteprodukt spokesperson told RIA Novosti state news agency last week.

The $15 million rerefining project is a joint venture between Bulgarian lube maker Prista Oil Group and Uznefteprodukt, part of state-owned energy giant Uzbekneftegaz.

The project consists of two companies. Uz-Ecoprotect will collect, store and transport used industrial oils. Uz-Prista Recycling will operate the plant and produce base oil. Uznefteprodukt holds a 49 percent stake of the enterprise, while Prista Oil has a controlling stake of 51 percent.

The production facilities of both enterprises are in Angren industrial zone in Tashkent oblast.

Prista acquired a 50.1 percent stake in the UZ-Texaco JV from oil major Chevron at the end of 2011. The enterprise was later renemed Uz-Prista Oil. Uznefteprodukt controls the remaining 49.9 percent stake of the lube producer.

Prista Recycling, part of Prista Oil Group, aims to establish base oil rerefining in Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia. In the past couple years, it looked at opportunities to open rerefineries in Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam, the company said.

The Ruse, Bulgaria -based company is one of the leading lubricant manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe.