BRB Holding Seeks to Grow its Additives Businesses


Independent investment company Bencis Capital Partners acquired a 50.1 percent majority share in Netherlands-based BRB Holdings B.V., which will allow the manufacturer to continue expanding its silicone and oil additives business segments.

BRB, a global producer of silicones, lubricant oil additives and chemicals, said in a press release that with Bencis as a majority shareholder, the company will move toward manufacturing and product range expansion, as well as extend its geographical coverage and establish new partnerships. Wed like to have more investments, and we are looking [at them] on a global basis, Ralph Pinckaers, CEO of BRB Holding, told Lube Report.

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Pinckaers said that the company is investing in both its silicone and oil additives businesses, and that we will be more focused on additives packaging for our oil additives. BRBs lube oil additives and chemicals business manufactures lube oil additive packages and components to formulate finished lubricants.

For oil additives, BRB is also looking to invest in manufacturing in Asia, Europe and the United States, as these are our focus territories, said Pinckaers. BRB specializes in the production, research and development of viscosity index improver solutions, automotive and industrial gear additives, as well as off road and engine oil packages. The company is currently building a viscosity index improver plant in Singapore, slated to be become operational in July.

At this moment, we have an investment plan in Singapore. In Europe we want to do more manufacturing, and in Asia, with a group distributor, we are starting to investigate the market, said Pinckaers.

With Bencis acquiring a majority share of BRB, the company is looking to further its presence in the automotive, off-road, petrochemical and industrial markets, read the press release. We grow organically, and now we are ready to professionalize and grow the company even more, said Pinckaers.

We are looking forward, and we think we have good ties with Bencis, he added. They can help us by looking at the right territories, looking at the right markets and looking at the right companies.

Bencis Capital Partners was founded in 1999, and has extensive experience in different industry sectors, including industry and manufacturing. With offices in Brussels and Diegem, both in Belgium, and in Amsterdam, Bencis has investments in 14 companies, which have a combined annual turnover of 1.1 billion (U.S. $1.3 billion).

Established in 1981, BRB has a worldwide supply chain network for both its silicone and lube oil additives businesses, with presence in Germany, Poland, the U.S., Malaysia, Australia, China, Singapore, Brazil, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Its manufacturing sites are located in Europe and Asia.

BRB manufactures specialty silicones like emulsions, antifoams, water repellants, silanes, resins, silicone polyethers, vinyl and amino silicones, dimethiconol blends and cross polymers, among others. Along with its lube oil additives, the company serves customers in industries like lube oil blending, cosmetics, coating, automotive, off shore and high-tech applications.

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