Motor Oil Prices Rise in Russia


Prices for foreign branded engine oils in Russia rose an average of 31 percent during the year ended in August, while domestic brands climbed just 7.5 percent, a market study found.

Those conclusions were included in a study published Sept. 4 by Autostat, a market research firm based in the automobile manufacturing hub of Togliatti, Russia. The study was based on monitoring of 100 foreign brands and approximately 25 domestic brands.

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Autostat found that motorists from St. Petersburg, the countrys northern capital, had the highest level of choice of motor oils as 79 different brands were available there in the first half of the year. The Moscow market had slightly less choice, with, where 73 brands available during the same period. Of the areas surveyed, the south central city of Ekaterinburg offered the least amount of motor oil choice with just 36 brands available from January to July of 2015.

St. Petersburg also a leader in the number of foreign motor oil brands offered – 55. The report explains it is … the geographical position of the megapolis that makes it very attractive for importers.

Moscow had the greatest number of oils recommended by original equipment manufacturers – 19 of them, all domestic.

The study also found that around 15 brands accounted for 70 percent of finished motor oil sales in the country during the first half of 2015. The five top sellers are Castrol, with sales equaling 9.3 percent of demand, Germanys Liqui Moly (9 percent), ExxonMobils Mobil brand (8.7 percent), Shell (7.7 percent) and Russian oil major Lukoil (7 percent).

Imported and domestic motor oil prices have risen significantly in Russia since July 2014.

The study compares July-August 2014 prices with July-August 2015 prices using price lists collected nationwide for liter containers of motor oil offered by auto parts stores and lubricant distributors, along with products sold in auto maintenance shops and online.

For example, prices for domestic products arose an average 7.5 percent compared to the first half of 2014. Imported brands jumped an average of 31 percent.

The largest price surge was registered by Mobil, Total and Mannol – all foreign brands. In July 2015 the average product price for each of these three was up 34 percent from July 2014. In contrast, prices for three Russian brands – Lukoil, TNK and Luxe rose 12 percent, 8 percent and 2 percent, respectively.

Autostats study, Russian Market for Passenger Car Motor Oils, is available for purchase at

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