Russians Favor Foreign Engine Oils


Russian motorists are generally aware of what engine oil goes into their vehicles and they follow drain interval recommendations, according to results of a survey conducted by analytics firm Autostat. The Russian company said respondents also favored foreign brands of oil by wide margins, with ExxonMobils Mobil brand being the most popular.

Autostat, which focuses on the auto industry, surveyed motorists across the country last month. On May 13 it announced the results, which are based on responses of 2,000 individuals and compiled in a report titled, Preferences of the Car Owners in Motor Oil Selection. Top-20 Popular Brands.

Around 77 percent of those [who are] asked what kind of motor oil has been poured into their car engines are aware of the products brand and its producer, Autostat said in its announcement of the results. Around 23 percent answered negatively on the same question.

Seventy-four percent of respondents said they follow original equipment manufacturer recommendations of how frequently to change their oil. Fifty-two percent share of those surveyed said they follow OEM advice about the brand of motor oil to use.

Asked to identify factors in their choice of which brand to use, 43 percent of the respondents cited past experience. The survey allowed them to choose more than one factor, and 20 percent of respondents said they follow the recommendations by the employees in the auto service stations; 17 percent said they rely on information from auto industry publications; 16 percent rely on suggestions by friends and 14 percent follow advice from car owners in internet forums and social networks. Ranking last among listed factors, at 9 percent, was recommendations salesmen in retail stores.

Autostat said that 52 percent of respondents buy their engine oil in auto parts stores. Far fewer – just 20 percent – buy it from sanctioned car dealerships during maintenance checks. Thirteen percent buy from independent car service stations, 5 percent from online stores, 4 percent in the large shopping centers and 3 percent at fuel stations.

As in most countries, a strong majority of people pay someone to change their oil. Thirty-four percent of respondents said they perform their own changes at a friends garage. A bit less, 32 percent, reported having the work done at a car maintenance shop. Around 19 percent go to workshop at official auto dealerships, only 8 percent to independent quick lube stations and 6 percent to friends who are mechanics.

Autostat, which is based in Togliatti, found that Russians choose imported brands far more than their domestic counterparts. Mobil was the brand selected by the highest number of respondents, followed by Castrol and Shell. Germanys LiquiMoly and Frances Motul ranked fourth and fifth, followed by the most popular Russian brand, Lukoil. ExxonMobils Esso, Totals Elf, SKs Zic and Total rounded out the top 10. Six Russian brands appeared in the second 10: Mannol (11th), G-Energy (16), Rosneft (17) Luxe (18), Ravenol (19) and TNK (20).

Conducted in collaboration of, an online service for troubleshooting repairs and operation of cars, the results of Autostats survey can be viewed in Russian at

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