Gazprom Bunkers Lubes in St. Petersburg


Gazprom Neft Lubricants signed a marine oil supply deal and has started to offer marine lubes in bulk quantities at a key Baltic Sea passenger port in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We are the first supplier of marine oils in bulk quantities at the Marine Faade port. The first vessel that bunkered there and called for our oils is the Marco Polo cruise ship, Gazprom said in a Nov. 11 press release. This new service by Gazprom Neft Lubricants allows our customers to cut their servicing time, while it significantly increases our marine oil sales.

St. Petersburgs Marine Facade is the largest port in Russias North-West region, and it receives only passenger watercraft. In 2013 it accepted more than 250 vessels carrying over 500,000 passengers.

The company also sealed a supply deal with Rosnefteflot, one of the largest companies that offer towboat services in Russia. Under the deal, Gazprom Neft Lubricants will supply the towboat companies subsidiaries in Murmansk, Tuapse and Nakhodka for one year with the possibility of an extension. The first marine oil shipments to Rosnefteflot will be delivered during this years fourth quarter, Gazprom said in a Nov. 20 news release.

The principal shareholders of Rosnefteflot are state oil giant Rosneft and Sovkomflot, Russias largest shipping company.

We are open to partnership with any Russian company, offering them quality products analogous to those made overseas, said Alexandr Trukhan, general director of Gazprom Neft Lubricants. We can offer a variety of additional services, such as bulk supply of marine oils at sea ports – a business that we consider very important, and that we have been trying to develop in the last few years.

In 2013, Gazprom Neft Lubricants held a 14 percent share of the countrys lubricants market, producing 490,000 tons of base oils and lubricants. The company has three blending plants in Russia, one in Italy and another in Serbia. In Russia it operates two API Group I base oil plants – one in Yaroslavl and another in Omsk. It sells lubricants in a number of Eastern European markets as well as in some Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

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