Chevron Opens Azeri Lube Store


U.S. oil major Chevron opened its first lubricant store last week in Baku, Azerbaijan, and also plans to open a chain of lube express shops there.

Baku-based official Chevron products dealer STS International runs the store – simply named Chevron Lubricants – which offers the company’s gasoline and diesel engine oil brands Havoline, Delo, Supreme and Ursa.

STS International is confident of expanding a network of Chevron Lubricants stores in the country, STS General Director Mekhman Guseinov told Lube Report on Monday.

The company believes that strong growth in the Azeri lube market demand growth supports the existence of such stores. The customers now deal with a certified company and can buy [Chevron’s] quality products in original sealed canisters without any fear for their origin or quality, Guseinov said.

The official distributor will also follow the oil majors lubricant marketing standards and demands, which it believes will impact the countrys finished lube pricing. Until now, Chevron products in the country were sold through intermediary local dealers.

STS International’s short-term plan includes opening a chain of Chevron Lubricants lube express shops in Baku, and possibly the ability to order express home lube changes, the company said. This will be very comfortable for the customers because it will close the whole circle of sale, use and change of motor oils, as well as professional car maintenance under one brand, a marketing strategy so far unknown in Azerbaijan, Guseinov said.

Ordering an express home lube change means the end customer orders a car lube change by phone, company technicians then arrive with specialized equipment and selected motor oil to perform an oil change at the customer’s convenience at his or her home address, STS International told Lube Report.

San Ramon, Calif. -based Chevron is a multinational oil company, and one of the world’s largest lubricant marketers.

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