Scotland May Get Blending Plant


Northern Oils has proposed a lubricants blending plant in Moray, on a harbor in northeast Scotland. The distributor claims it would be the countrys first such facility.

The Moray Council received Northern Oils application Jan. 23 and set a target determination date of March 25, according to the councils website. Located at Buckie Harbour, the blending plant would process about 2,000 metric tons per month, according to the application. Moray is a local government council area in northeastern Scotland.

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Northern Oils said in a background information document that if the plant is built, it will result in the creation of at least 15 new jobs, including some apprentice type positions, which should allow young people from the local community to obtain a good and recognized training within the international lube oil industry. In addition, four existing employees would need to relocate from Northern Oils head office at Linmill to the new blending plant.

The company further claimed, it will also bring increased trade to the area, since it is the intention of Northern Oils, once the plant is established, to enter into a concerted marketing campaign to all the offshore industries, oil rigs, ship operators, fishing industry etc. since the Buckie products should be able to compete very effectively with imported suppliers.

According to its website, Northern Oils has supplies lubricants throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of market sectors, including marine (commercial and leisure), offshore, renewables, industrial, forestry, food processing and automotive.

Northern Oils said a small tanker ship would deliver base oil to the new blending plant, bringing in about 1,500 tons per shipment with three shipments during each two-month period. The company indicated it would initially charter the necessary tanker during the initial stages of operation, with the intention of eventually purchasing at least one such vessel and basing it at Buckie Harbour.

Six tanks at the site would hold the base oil until it was ready for blending into finished lubricants and later distribution to purchasers. The packaged lubricants would be loaded onto trucks for delivery to clients throughout the U.K., the company said.

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