Zap! New Esters from Voltrion


Start-up manufacturer Voltrion has begun commercial production of its electrically polymerized esters for the lubricants and greases industry at its plant in Deinze, Belgium.

The production process to obtain electrically treated oil components consists mainly of molecular rearrangement reactions under specific electrical impulses, according to Voltrions web site. The products generated by the reactions are electrically treated natural esters and compounds which are highly viscous and combine an optimal mix of polarity and solubility in base oils.

In formulating cutting fluids and emulsions, these products are a valuable alternative, sometimes complement to commonly available esters or bio bases, Voltrion said. Besides their main purpose as oiliness agents or what is more commonly referred to as boundary lubrication additive, the company said, they also enhance some important characteristics of the final product, such as tackiness, flash point, viscosity, viscosity improver, as well as oxidation stability, surface finish and cleanliness. The company claims that formulating with electrically treated esters also means reducing the use of other chemistries which in most cases are not oils, and which may not be environmentally friendly.

Founder and Managing Director Olivier Vercammen said the products main applications are in industrial and metalworking fluids, mainly as a lubricity additive. Other foremost applications are gear oils, deformation fluids and agricultural/forestry lubricants, thanks to their functionalized vegetable nature, Vercammen told Lube Report.

He said more than six years of research and implementation, performed together with his father, led to creation of the companys pilot production plant in Deinze last year.

Our focus for the coming years will be to reach our production targets and innovate in terms of product offering, said Vercammen. In that aspect, we will be looking at working closely with new distributors or partners to fully deploy the huge potential of our technology. He noted the company will be seeking partners worldwide.

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