Kamaz Oils for Russian Trucks


Kamaz, Russias biggest truck manufacturer, is now promoting Kamaz-branded heavy-duty motor oils developed with LLK International, the countrys biggest lube manufacturer.

LLK International is oil major Lukoils lubricants subsidiary.

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As a result of the common technical policy and partnership agreement between Kamaz and Lukoil, we developed a line of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic engine oils, the truck manufacturer said in its Feb. 8 press release.

Kamaz, Kamaz Optimum, and Kamaz Professional motor oil brands comply with the latest international requirements for operational and environmental safety standards, the company said, adding that the lubes will be distributed and sold by Uralska Manufaktura.

An LLK official recently noted that Russias changing vehicle market is increasingly seeing original equipment manufacturers efforts to develop their own branded motor oils. More and more service stations are featuring these OEM-branded lubricants, according to Andrey Yasnovskiy. “Many stations are not only selling private labeled oils, such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota or GM-branded lubes, but the staff is recommending the use of private labeled oils and would provide car owners technical manuals with relevant information,” Yasnovskiy, LLKs head of technical support, told the Lubricants Russia conference held in Moscow in November.

LLK believes this trend will continue to grow in the future because “motor oil today is considered to be an engine part. LLK knows this and is working to adapt to the fast changing market conditions,” Yasnovskiy said.

Kamaz semi-synthetic and mineral diesel engine oils are intended for buses, road-building machinery and other vehicles complying with the Euro 2 emission standard. Mineral and semi-synthetic Kamaz Optimum is for use in the latest generations of heavy-duty truck engines featuring exhaust gas recirculation systems and meeting Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards. Kamaz Professional is a low-SAPS (that is, low in sulfated ash, phosphorus, sulfur) synthetic engine oil for modern diesel engines used in severe conditions.

Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan-based Kamaz is the leading truck manufacturer in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Its production ranges from trucks, trailers, buses and tractors, to engines, power units and different tools. It delivers vehicles and spare parts for them in 43 countries around the globe.

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