Base Oil Traders Sling Barbs


Shamrock Shipping and Trading has warned that any deals concluded by a former employee and his current employer, Feedco, may be challenged in court. In response, Feedco denies any breach of contract between the employee and Shamrock, calling Shamrocks charges false accusations.

In a Jan. 30 letter to Shamrock clients and associates, Shamrocks attorneys alleged that a former employee, Alexey Kiseliov, seriously breached his contractual obligations.

Shamrocks lawyers continued, Please be warned that any contracts and deals concluded by Mr. Kiseliov on behalf of any company or Feedco Geneva SA, his new employer, may be questioned in court in due course by our clients, that may result to a cancellation of any such contract which could in effect cause you harm or losses.

In a Feb. 7 open letter, Feedcos attorneys responded to the Shamrock charges. … Mr. Kiseliov is indeed a former employee of Shamrock who decided last year not to extend his employment agreement with the said company, and, only eight months later, has been hired by my client.

Feedco, through its attorney, strongly denied any breach of the employees contractual obligations to his former employer. The Feedco lawyers letter said that any litigation between the competing trading companies would be limited to respective claims for financial compensation between the parties.

… [S]uch hypothetical legal actions would not affect in any way the validity of the contracts and deals which have been negotiated by Mr. Kiseliov on my clients behalf with third parties, wrote Feedcos attorney. My client will take any legal action against Shamrock, should this company persist to propagate false allegations and misinformation regarding Feedco.

Shamrock declined to comment on the Feedco letter, and legal representatives of both companies declined to comment further to Lube Report on the matter.

Shamrock Shipping and Trading Ltd., based in Limassol, Cyprus, supplies base oils, additives and finished lubricants around the world. Geneva, Switzerland-based Feedco SA is an international trader of base oils and other petroleum products.