Calumet Clears the Air with EPA


In a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency, Calumet Shreveport Lubricant and Waxes has agreed to pay a $326,000 civil penalty and to spend at least $248,000 to expand its airborne toxins monitoring system around its Shreveport, La., facility.

During an unannounced inspection of the Indianapolis, Ind.-based specialty chemical companys Shreveport, La., facility in August 2011, the EPA found that the plant was in violation of nine Clean Air Act directives. Lingering effects from an October 2008 tank explosion were responsible for at least one of the violations, an EPA Region 6 representative told Lube Report.

Lube Report was not able to reach Calumet for comment by deadline.

As part of the settlement, the subsidiary of Calumet Specialty Products Partners has voluntarily agreed to spend at least $248,000 to improve its fence-line monitoring system as a supplemental environmental project. The expansion will add 32 additional sensors to the existing five around the perimeter of the plant, at which Calumet produces paraffinic lube oils, waxes and asphalt along with gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The sensors will monitor for hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and flammable gas lower explosive limit.The required expenditure on monitors is in addition to the $326,000 civil penalty.

This settlementhelps make available useful information in the event of future releases, said EPAs regional administrator Ron Curry in a Nov. 6 EPA press release. Our goal is to safeguard worker health and nearby communities by ensuring Calumet takes the necessary steps to improve safety and practices.