Oronite Expands


Chevron Oronite will soon be making more dispersants and detergents at its manufacturing plant in Gonfreville, France.

A project to increase dispersant production capacity at Gonfreville by more than 25 percent recently reached full start up, and the company has broken ground on a project that will effectively double carboxylate and sulfonate detergent production capacity at the plant.

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Chevron Oronite declines to disclose actual plant capacities.

These projects, as well as others in our supply chain, will help better position us to serve growing markets around the world and to continue providing differentiated engine oil additives for the foreseeable future, Jirong Xiao, Chevron Oronites vice president of sales and marketing, said in an Oct. 24 news release. Another benefit for our customers is that these projects will help further strengthen Oronites global supply chain reliability and flexibility by enhancing our ability to meet supplemental detergent and dispersant needs across our global network.

Elsewhere, Oronites project to add manufacturing, blending and shipping capacity, and improve overall infrastructure at its Singpore plant is expected to be mechanically complete in early 2014. Upon full start-up, the plant will have doubled its capacity since it was commissioned in 1999, Oronite has said. The company also continues to advance a previously announced project to add carboxylate detergent production capability at the Singapore plant.

Carboxylate is a sulfur-free detergent often used in high-performance additive packages. Oronite develops formulations based on carboxylate chemistry.

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