Oil Pump Prompts BMW Recall


BMW AG stopped delivering, and will recall, certain 2013 model year M5 and M6 cars equipped with turbocharged V-8 engines because of a defective engine oil pump that could damage engines.

A delivery stop has been issued by BMW AG to correct a potential problem with the engine oil pump on certain S63TU-equippped vehicles, BMW stated in a technical service bulletin issued Sept. 21 to BMW dealer principals, and sales, service and parts managers. Affected vehicles are the 2013 Model Year M5, M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible. Vehicles equipped with an affected pump could experience a sudden loss of oil pressure, which will result in severe engine damage.

According to BMW brochures, the models affected by the delivery stop and recall are equipped with a turbocharged, 400-hp V-8 engine, which the company refers to as S63TU.

In the bulletin, BMW said its customer relations department is contacting customers that have already taken delivery and recommending customers not drive the vehicle. BMW did not specify in the bulletin how many vehicles were impacted.

As of yesterday, the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration had not instituted a safety recall on the problem.

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