Haver Filling Systems Grows


Haver Filling Systems is expanding its warehouse in Conyers, Ga., to increase production capacity so it can meet growing demand for its German-engineered packaging and filling machines.

The expansion will add 4,300 square feet to the existing 14,000 square foot assembly warehouse, and Haver expects it to be completed by the end of 2013. In addition to accommodating growing demand, the larger facility will help accommodate assembly of additional product lines that Haver offers.

The company assembles the machines – including the Haver, Feige and Behn + Bates brands – in the Conyers facility. Our filling machines definitely fill liquid and pasty products, such as lubricants and greases, Gudrun Gibson, marketing manager for Haver Filling Systems, told Lube Report.

Gibson said the additional space will also increase the area available for test machines and lab analysis services. This expansion allows us to improve our ability to offer the most technologically advanced filling equipment solutions, and to ensure we continue to have the flexibility we need to be responsive to customers, she said.

Haver Filling Systems manufactures packaging machines for the filling of valve, open mouth and form fill seal bags, as well as liquid and pasty filling equipment for a multitude of industries, including chemical products. The company also specializes in bag and material testing for its customers and partners.

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