MWF Maker QualiChem Expands


QualiChem, which manufactures metalworking fluids and water treatment chemicals, announced last week it has expanded its headquarters, laboratory and manufacturing facilities in Salem, Va.

The expansion will support a 300 percent increase in manufacturing output over the next few years.

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The company increased the total square footage of facilities by 70 percent. The building now includes 35 percent more space for quality control, research and development laboratories and manufacturing, and 50 percent more space for raw material and finished goods, along with 233 percent more space for shipping and receiving.

The expansion was necessary to meet increasing demand for QualiChem products, the company said in a recent news release.

We have seen a steady growth rate over the past 12 years, said Glenn Frank, president of QualiChem. We have sustained steady year-on-year growth, even during the economic downturn starting in 2008, due to our unrelenting focus on new product development, customer service and support for our distribution partners.

Qualichem offers cutting and grinding fluids, straight oils, rust preventives and metal cleaners in addition to various water treatment products.