Metall-Chemie Restructures R&D


Starting July 1, Metall-Chemie Technologies will conduct chemical research and development to support Metall-Chemie Groups manufacturing companies, including a lubricant additives manufacturer.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Metall-Chemie GmBH & Co. KGs product range includes lubricant additives for oil- and water-based applications as well as numerous chemicals for specialized applications. According to its web site, its lubricant additives function as corrosion inhibitors, metal deactivators, extreme pressure/antiwear additives and as additives for metalworking fluids.

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Helmut Kipphardt, who has worked for the group for more than 20 years, will head Metall-Chemie Technologies.

Metall-Chemie Group is a family holding company with more than 250 employees and annual sales of 205 million (U.S. $274.8 million). Its other manufacturing companies include Dekor-Kunststoffe (impregnation/digital printing) and Martens Transportbander (conveyor belts for the food industry).

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