Falcon Absorbs MWF Firm


Falcon Industrial has acquired Benchmark Fluids for an undisclosed amount, a move that Falcon says will expand its customer base and strengthen its metalworking technologies.

Both companies develop and manufacture metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants, and surface technologies for metalworking industries. Benchmark will add welding and fabrication technologies to Falcons sales repertoire, Falcon Vice President of Finance and Operations Manager Eric Leander told Lube Report. Benchmark has excellent anti-spatter,nozzlegel and other ancillary products for this market, Leander said.

Headquarted in Milwaukee, Wis., Falcon Industrial will increase its customers to 500 with Benchmark, according to its president, Don Benedyk. “We are very excited about this merger as it will strengthen our sales base throughout the Midwest and introduce several unique technologies to our product portfolio, Benedyk said in a statement to Lube Report.

The combined company will have customers throughout North America and Asia. Falcon has a few customers in Taiwan and a distributor in India that serves many countries in that region, Leander said, adding that Benchmark has animpressivebase of distributors throughout the U.S.

Benchmark Fluids is headquartered in St. Louis, Mo. The Benchmark name will be used for a short time, Leander said, but eventually all operations will be under the Falcon name.