NexLube Takes Next Step


NexLube Tampa expects its rerefinery and blending plant project in Florida, scheduled to open in 2013, will produce white oils as well as three API Group II base oil cuts.

The Tampa Port Authority and the Hillsboro County, Fla., government recently approved a construction permit for NexLube Tampas rerefinery and blending plant project in Tampa, Fla. In June 2010, the port authority approved a 20-year lease option agreement with NexLube for the 12-acre project. The total cost is now estimated at $80 million, according to Enzio DAngelo, NexLube Tampa managing director. The company plans to initiate the bidding process and break ground on the project within the next 90 days.

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The facility is expected to process 24 million gallons of used oil annually, DAngelo said, and produce about 20 million gallons per year of Group II base oil in three cuts: SN85, N150 and 330 plus. We should be starting commissioning in the third quarter of 2013, and the plant should be fully in operation by the end of the year 2013, he told Lube Report.

After on-site blending, NexLube estimates it will produce about 24 million gallons per year of various grades of motor oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and other specialty products, including white oils. We will be in a position to produce white oil, because of the severity of the hydrofinishing process, DAngelo explained.

NexLube also projects it will produce 2.4 million gallons per year of diesel fuel and 3 million gallons per year of asphalt.

The rerefinery will use Revivoil technology, developed by Viscolube of Italy and Axens of France.