Evergreen: We Comply


Evergreen Oil, Inc. says that requests by a California advocacy group to shutter its Newark, Calif., rerefinery because of a July 6 incident are completely unwarranted and unnecessary, noting the plant, which is reportedly up for sale, has been operating safely since 1984.

In a prepared statement, the company said that it continues to meet all regulations from city, county and state agencies. Evergreen is one of the first and finest green businesses in California, rerefining used motor oil, preventing its release to soil or sensitive water waterways via storm drains.

Against the backdrop of issues at the plant, a report surfaced last week that the rerefinery is for sale. The company did not respond to repeated attempts to obtain information concerning the report, and a company spokesman said that employees had been instructed not to comment on or discuss whether the plant is indeed for sale.

Consumer Watchdog, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based advocacy group, requested on July 6 and again on July 24 that DTSC step in and close the plant, claiming it has been cited repeatedly for various issues.

The company responded, however, that DTSC inspected the Newark plant July 18, and found no violations of hazardous waste laws, regulations or requirements. As of last nights deadline, DTSC did not respond to several attempts to verify the company statement.

City Manager John Becker says the bulk of the citations were for pungent odors emanating from the plant, but last week he said Evergreen had resolved the odor issue for the most part. He added that from the citys perspective the July incident is basically over and done with.

Becker noted that Evergreen continues to make repairs to the plant necessitated by a March 29, 2011 fire at the plant that forced it to shut down for several months.