Calumet Expanding Indiana HQ


Specialty hydrocarbon producer Calumet will expand its Indianapolis corporate headquarters and in the process create 48 new positions by 2015.

With the multi-million dollar expansion, Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P., will add an enterprise resource planning system and computer equipment at its Indianapolis headquarters. The company, which currently employs 75 people, is recruiting new management, accounting, sales, human resources and information technology associates.

Calumet operates in two business segments-specialty products and fuel products. The specialty products unit, the company’s largest, processes crude oil into lubricating oils, solvents, waxes, and other petroleum products.

The fuel products unit processes oil into unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. Calumet also produces asphalt.

The company has 2,600 specialty products accounts and 90 fuel products accounts.

“We are very pleased with the cooperative efforts of the state and city to assist in the expansion of our headquarters in central Indiana,” Jennifer Straumins, president of Calumet, said in the press release announcing the expansion. “We have operations in other states, but Indianapolis represents the best place to attract and retain a talented workforce for our headquarters. As a result of additional acquisitions, we look forward to continued growth.”

Thecompany also has plants in Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin and Missouri.

In January, Calumet added two companies to its portfolio: blender and distributor TruSouth Oil and Ashland subsidiary Hercules synthetic aviation and refrigerant lubricants business.

Calumet has a base oil plant in Shreveport, La., with 7,000 barrels per day API Group II and 4,800 b/d Group I capacity, and another in Princeton, La., with 6,900 b/d naphthenic capacity.