Pars Expands Grease Output


Irans Pars Oil is preparing to open a second grease plant at its refinery near Tehran. Officials said the new plant, which will have capacity of 2,000 metric tons per year, will allow the company to expand the range of greases that it offers.

Pars has a refinery in a Tehran suburb and already operates a 9,000 t/y grease plant there. The company claims to supply more than 60 percent of Irans grease demand.

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The new plant is scheduled to open in three months, three and a half years after Pars began planning for it.

The new plant will make greases with complex thickeners, Project Manager Saeed Kafaeekhoo told Lube Report last week, going on to list those made with lithium complex, aluminum complex and calcium complex thickeners, all in NLGI grades 1, 2 and 3. In the near future we also intend to begin making food-grade greases.

Kafaeekhoo added that the new plant employs the most modern grease manufacturing technology, including co-axial mixers, automated heating and cooling systems and the latest de-aerating equipment. He said products from the new plant will match the quality of European greases but will have a lower cost basis.

Pars Oil claims to be one of the largest grease producers in the Middle East. It makes a wide range of greases marketed under brand names including Pars and Mahan.