BASF Launches Wax Plant


BASF commissioned a new oxidized polyethylene waxes manufacturing plant at its Ludwigshafen site in Germany.

The low-density polyethylene wax that forms the basis of the oxidized waxes comes directly from the sites polymerization plants. The company did not disclose the plants cost or specific capacity.

As well as extending the capacity, we have also invested in modernizing the existing plant for polyethylene waxes, said Stefan Beckmann, senior vice president for home care and formulation technologies, Europe. Demand for high-quality waxes and oxidized waxes is growing worldwide due to the increased production and processing of plastics. We will be able to satisfy this increasing demand when the new oxidation plant for waxes in Ludwigshafen goes into operation.

BASF supplies its waxes in the form of powder, fine powder, granules and pastilles under the Luwax brand name.

As lubricants in the processing of plastics, oxidized polyethylene waxes are used in many different applications, for example in the manufacturing of PVC profiles, pipes, fittings, sheets and many more, BASF spokeswoman Ruth Wirschem told Lube Report. Because of their amphiphilic structure, Luwax OA grades form thin films on the metal surface of the processing equipment and between the PVC primary particles, and in that way eliminate diffusion of additives and help to avoid plate-out. In an amphiphilic structure, molecules having a polar water-soluble group are attached to a water-insoluble hydrocarbon chain.

Due to the multitude of different applications, there is a growing demand for the waxes in all regions, Wirschem noted.

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