Chevron Tests Quick-lube Quality


Chevron Lubricants begins a testing program this month to verify lubricants quality at its Havoline Xpress Lube, Texaco Xpress Lube and Havoline Builder facilities.

The Product Integrity Assurance System aims to ensure product integrity by detecting potential contamination, mishandling and use of non-Chevron lubricants. Chevron will randomly pull samples of branded products stored in bulk tanks at branded facilities across the country. A third party laboratory will test the samples, and the results will be reviewed by Chevron, its marketer if applicable, and the site operator.

Metropolitan areas to be tested will be randomly selected, Bob Stolz, Chevron Lubricants general manager of North American sales, told Lube Report. The PIAS program began in September and the first tests using all of the system elements – site selection model, third party sampler, third party lab – will occur this month, Stolz said.

If test results indicate products dont meet specification, Chevron will work with the facility in an effort to resolve the problem. According to the company, potential causes of off-specification product include issues with distribution and handling facilities, site delivery receipts and on-site handling practices.

There are many ways for lubes to fall out of specification before reaching the customer at one of our branded facilities, said Stolz. By having a program in place to evaluate the quality of product received by the end user, we help to ensure our customers are receiving the high quality lubricants they expect when entering a Chevron branded location. The program will also help our reseller partners maintain their reputation and enjoy the repeat business they deserve.

According to Stolz, initial feedback from marketers on the program has been positive. Both our Lubricant Marketer Council and HXL Advisory Committee reviewed and endorsed this initiative during development over the past year.

While the program doesnt have a direct communication interface with the general public such as a web site, Stolz said, we can, however, envision our tested facilities proudly sharing their positive test results with their customers.

Chevron stated it is supportive of efforts to ensure products delivered to the customer meet industry standards. Chevrons Product Integrity Assurance System was developed to better align the company with industry efforts by the Petroleum Quality Institute of America and the American Petroleum Institute, Stolz added. PQIA promotes lubricant quality in the U.S. marketplace by collecting and testing motor oil samples, and publishing the results at its web site. APIs programs include the Motor Oil Matters national motor oil quality program and the Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System.

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