ZXP Completes Plant Expansion


Blender and packager ZXP Technologies has completed a multi-million dollar expansion that adds 20 million to 25 million gallons of additional capacity at its plant in Texas.

The plant expansion is the result of a significant piece of new business with a large multinational lubricant company, said Jayna Mull, executive vice president of sales and marketing. The client and the geographic region involved are confidential, according to Mull. The expansions additional capacity will be for international distribution, she confirmed to Lube Report.

The company started the expansion project in March 2011, and it became partly operational in September. Were finishing up, and it will be fully functional prior to the end of the year, Mull said.

The project included installation of 35 new base oil and additive tanks, additional blending capabilities and new packaging equipment at its plant in Highlands, Texas, near Houston. The new blending system is designed to reduce flush and waste with small batches, allowing ZXP to blend and ship several loads a day, said Steve Davis, executive vice president of operations. The expansion will enable ZXP to blend and package an additional 20 to 25 million gallons of various products, including PCMOs, industrial fluids, gear oils and transmission fluids. The increased volumes will be a good mix of those products, Mull noted.

The expansion includes a robot to assist with packaging. Were looking at being able to use the robot to do different stackings on different product pallets, she said.

ZXP provides contract packaging, blending and distribution services for premium, mineral oil based and synthetic lubricants, fuel treatments, antifreeze, automotive care, agricultural chemical and bulk powder products.

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