Rhein Chemie Gung Ho for N. America


Rhein Chemies lubricant oil additive division will open a North American Technology Center in Pittsburgh by January 2012.

The most appealing thing about Pittsburgh is the fact that it is already the home of Lanxess U.S. headquarters and there is already a state of the art infrastructure in place, Michael Assaf, Rhein Chemies director of lubricant oil additives for North America, told Lube Report.

The center, which the company said will be a cornerstone in development of next generation lubricant additives, will also offer fluid testing, analysis and troubleshooting for Rhein Chemie customers. At this time, he continued, there are no specifics about what next generation lubricant additives will entail. But Rhein Chemie has always been known as a technology leader, and we need to keep advancing our market offerings, Assaf noted. Therefore, we hope to develop new products to both meet and exceed this important markets needs.

Rhein Chemie will now have regional lubricant oil additive technology centers in China and the United States, anchored by a global technology center in Mannheim, Germany. Opening of the center will not impact its current facility in Chardon, Ohio. As Rhein Chemie is working toward growth in North America, we are focusing on developing our entire portfolio, Assaf said, adding that the company is now and has always only been focused on the industrial lubricants side of the industry.

Rhein Chemies lubricant additives include corrosion inhibitors, sulfur based extreme pressure agents, antiwear agents, packages and additives for greases, hydraulic oils, gear oils and metalworking fluids, which are sold under the Additin brand.

According to consultancy Kline & Co., 2010 global lubricant additive consumption amounted to 3.7 million tons. Of that, heavy-duty motor oils accounted for 34 percent, passenger car motor oils for 27 percent, metalworking fluids for 16 percent, industrial engine oils for 11 percent, other automotive lubricants for 7 percent, general industrial oils for 4 percent and other for 1 percent. General industrial oils includes gear oils, hydraulic fluids, turbine and circulating oils, refrigeration oils, compressor oils and others.

Rhein Chemie is a wholly owned subsidiary of the specialty chemicals group Lanxess, of Leverkusen, Germany.

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