Boosting Lubes Research in India


Southwest Research Institute and Indias Council of Scientific and Industrial Research will cooperate on development of novel technologies in fuels research and engine development, including building up the councils lubricant evaluation laboratories.

The organizations on Thursday signed a three-year agreement, through the councils Indian Institute of Petroleum Laboratory. They will establish a center to address Combustion Characteristics and Emissions of Future Fuels and Engine Development. Among other things, Southwest will support Indias council and institute in developing lubricant evaluation facilities.

We would be able to help them in learning the already established North American lubricant test procedures, Lee Grant, vice president of Southwests fuels and lubricants research division, told Lube Report. Eventually, they could play a major role as India potentially establishes their own lubricant standards and test procedures on test engines indigenous to their automotive market.

For many years, Southwest has helped countries develop their fuels and lubricant test facilities. We have done this through laboratory design, test equipment design and fabrication, and training of personnel to perform the test procedures, Grant said. The training can take place both in SwRI labs and the labs of the client.

Engine, vehicle and emissions research and development is growing at a rapid pace in India, said Bruce Bykowski, vice president of Southwests engine, emissions and vehicle research division. Along with increased research in fuels and lubricants required for end use, the strategic alliance with IIP will help accelerate that trend, not only for introduction and use in India, but for potential export.

Southwest will cooperate with the Indian organizations on work for Indian clients, use the institutes facilities and expertise in projects run by Southwest, submit joint research and development projects to the Indo-U.S. Forum for Science and Technology and other governmental agencies in India for funding, and create joint proposals for organizing seminars in India and the United States.

In 2010, San Antonio, Texas-based Southwest Research Institute established an office in Delhi with G.K. Sharma as director of India business development.

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