Long-chain CPs Get Canadian Reprieve


Health Canada earlier this month updated its human health assessment for long-chain chlorinated paraffins to say they are not considered toxic to human health under Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999.

Upper-bounding estimates of daily intakes of LCCPs by the general population of Canada are well below the established [tolerable daily intake], and therefore, it is proposed that LCCPs are not harmful to human health as defined in the CEPA 1999, Health Canada stated.

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In addition, Health Canada and Environment Canada together issued a notice in the Sept. 3 Canada Gazette stating they would take no further action on chlorinated alkanes (also known as chlorinated paraffins) greater than C20.

Chlorinated paraffins are chlorinated alkanes that have carbon chain lengths ranging from 10 to 38 with varying degrees of chlorination. They are broken down into three paraffin groups: short-chain (C10 -C13), medium-chain (C14-C17), and long-chain (C18-C38). The chemicals are used in cutting fluids to provide extreme pressure protection.

In a Sept. 6 notice to customers, chlorinated paraffin producer Dover Chemical explained that the reason for the slight difference in carbon-number range from the Health Canada assessment, which is C18 to C38, and the Canada Gazette notice, which is C21 to C38, is because Environment Canada is still apparently considering the regulation of chlorinated alkanes (paraffins) up to, and including C20 as CEPA toxic to the environment.

Dover Chemical in conjunction with the CP trade association – International Chlorinated Paraffins Industry Association (ICPIA) – is working to clarify and resolve any potential issues related to this difference in order to ensure that all of Dovers LCCP commercial products will not be subject to any further regulation in Canada, the company said.

The updated health assessment is available on the Government of Canadas Chemical Substances web site at http://www.chemicalsubstanceschimiques.gc.ca/challenge-defi/chlor-alkanes-eng.php#dra

The Sept. 3 Canada Gazette is available online at: www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2011/2011-09-03/html/notice-avis-eng.html#d105