Publishers Note: Lube Industry in a Nutshell


Hot off the press, the Lubricants Industry Factbook from LubesnGreases is full of facts and trends that define the global lubricants industry, with data on lubes and greases, base oils, additives, licensing and more. Click here to order.

LNGs annual Factbook profiles the U.S. and global lubricants industry to answer the questions our editors are asked most often, like How much lubricants and greases are sold in the U.S.? Whats the difference among API base oil groups? How often do drivers really change their oil? Which are the biggest lube suppliers?

Because raw data can be difficult to digest, we made it a priority to show the trends in graphic format wherever possible.

In the 2011 Factbook youll find data on:

– The U.S. market, including total lube sales and grease production.
– U.S. engine oil trends, including top-selling vis grades, miles driven between oil changes, oil categories and tests and top fast-lube chains.
– Base oils in North America, including the areas shifting capacities, our U.S. base oil boxscore and U.S. prices and production.
– Quality assurance programs for lubes.
– Global data on lube demand and the top 15 lube companies worldwide.
– Global additive demand.

The 24-page Factbook was delivered to subscribers to the print edition of LubesnGreases with their August issue of the magazine. For information on ordering copies, please click here.

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