ExMo, Honeywell Team Up


A licensing alliance brings together ExxonMobil Research & Engineerings technology used to produce base oils and Honeywell UOPs hydroprocessing solutions that produce high-quality feedstocks for lubricant production.

The integration of EMRE and UOP technologies allows refiners to achieve impressive yields of dewaxed fuels and lube products while optimizing their operating and capital costs, said Pete Piotrowski, vice president and general manager of process technology and equipment for Honeywell UOP.

EMRE and UOP will provide an integrated process design solution for the licensed technologies with a single engineering package to licensees.

EMRE and UOP have complementary strengths in the technologies they offer for licensing, ExxonMobil spokeswoman Rachael Moore told Lube Report. We believe this alliance will benefit both companies, as well as their customers, by providing a more comprehensive suite of technologies than either company could offer on its own.

The alliance will also offer EMREs fuels dewaxing technologies which, used in conjunction with UOP hydroprocessing solutions, produce high yields of ultra-low sulfur diesel. EMRE offerings covered by the agreement include hydrocracking and other hydroprocessing solutions for fuels and lubes.

UOP Unicracking hydroprocessing processes and catalysts upgrade crude oil to produce ultra-clean distillate products and lube oil feedstocks.

The alliance is limited to marketing, licensing, engineering package delivery and providing catalysts for fuels and lubricants hydroprocessing opportunities.

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