3000-mile Rule Retires


Yesterday Jiffy Lube, the largest U.S. fast-lube chain, officially abandoned the 3,000-mile oil change interval, advising instead that consumers follow their automakers recommended service intervals.

The new recommendations are already in use in more than 70 percent of all Jiffy Lube stores, the company said, and 100 percent system participation is expected by year-end.

Customers visiting Jiffy Lube will be offered a choice of service intervals: following the vehicle manufacturers recommendation for severe or normal driving conditions, or selecting an interval of their own choosing. Customers will continue to receive a window sticker reminding them when to return for an oil change, based on the schedule they select.
Jiffy Lube franchisees who participated in the pilot program found value in the new approach, the company said. The new approach, which Jiffy Lube calls oil change schedule or OCS, brings Jiffy Lube to the forefront of the industry by not only educating customers on the proper oil change schedule for their vehicle, but also helping the customer choose the schedule that is right for them, said Rick Brittain, operations manager for Lubricar, a Jiffy Lube franchisee in Albuquerque, N.M.

Jiffy Lube, headquartered in Houston, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Oil Co. It has more than 2,000 franchised service centers in North America. It claims to have pioneered the fast-lube industry in 1979 by establishing the first drive-through service bay.

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