Chemical Prices Move Up


Troy, Oxea and Kraton Polymers will increase prices for lubricants and lubricant-related chemicals.

Troy Corp. will increase prices globally for various performance additives by 2 to 30 percent effective July 1. Products affected include defoamers/anti-foam additives, dispersants, flow and leveling and substrate-wetting additives and rheology modifiers.

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Continued large increases in costs for key raw materials, including petroleum-derived products, mineral oils, tall oil fatty acid, amines and solvents, as well as escalation of energy and transportation costs, make this price adjustment necessary, the Florham Park, N.J.-based company said.

Oxea of Oberhausen, Germany, will raise list and off-list price increases for five carboxylic acids effective July 1 by 100 to 150 per metric ton in Europe, 10 to 15 cents per pound in North America and $220 to $330/t in Asia.

Carboxylic acids and olefin derivatives are used in synthetic lubricants.

Kraton Polymers of Houston will raise prices effective July 1 in the Americas by 8 cents per pound or $176 per ton, and by 175 per ton in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for its SBS and OE SBS polymers and compounds. The polymers are used in lubricants and other applications ranging from personal care to paving.

Each of the companies price changes is subject to the terms of applicable contracts.

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