Fraud in Filipino Oil Purchases?


The Armed Forces of the Philippines on Thursday said it has sacked a senior logistics officer as it investigates irregularities in purchases of petroleum oil and lubricants.

An April 21 Reuters report quoted AFP Chief of Staff General Eduardo Oban Jr. as saying the Philippines military consumes about 150 million pesos (U.S. $3.4 million) worth of petrol and lubricants every quarter, but auditors found it had spent about 400 million pesos during 2011s first quarter.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines last week said it temporarily relieved from duty its deputy chief of staff for logistic, Commodore Teddy Pan, to pave the way for an impartial and honest investigation of the alleged diversion.

Theinvestigating team consists of the militarys judge advocate general, internal auditor and provost marshal general. They are seeking facts surrounding the purchase and disbursement of the petroleum oil and lubricants in question.

It is expected that whatever will be the outcome of the investigation, it would be for the benefit and general welfare of the institution which will not only center on persons but also on the logistics management systems as a whole, Gen. Oban stated. We are confident that all the facts will be considered and evaluated in an impartial manner. The results will be fair and just. Oban became chief of staff on March 7.

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