Chemical Prices Rise


Dow Microbial Control, Albemarle and Kraton Polymers recently announced price increases for chemicals used in lubricants and metalworking fluids.

Dow Microbial Control on March 4 announced price increases of 10 to 30 percent, or as contracts allow, for global consumer and distributor prices on biocides under the Bioban, Rocima and Fungiblock brands, as well as the actives Amical, bronopol, Dowicide, Dowicil, Dxn and glutaraldehyde. The biocides are used in metalworking fluids.

Dow Microbial Control has invested significantly in its portfolio to ensure reliable supply in even the most highly regulated environments and must increase its prices in order to maintain this level of investment and service to its customers, said the Buffalo Grove, Ill.-based company, which is a business group of Dow Chemical.

Baton Rouge, La.-based Albemarle said that starting March 1 or as contracts allow, it increased prices on Ethanox and Ethaphos antioxidants as well as antioxidant blends. They are used by the lubricants, polymers and fuels industries.

Kraton Polymers of Houston will raise prices effective April 1 in the Americas by 5 cents per pound or $110 per metric ton for its SBS and OE SBS polymers and compounds. The polymers are used in lubricants and other applications ranging from personal care to paving.

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