Grease Prompts VW Brazil Recall


The possibility of bearing grease failure in rear wheels has led to a massive recall of passenger vehicles by Volkswagen in Brazil.

Volkswagen Brazil on Thursday said it is recalling 193,620 Novo Gol and Voyage models made in Brazil before July 2009 due to the possibility of insufficient bearing grease in the rear wheels of some vehicles.

The use of the vehicle when the rear wheel bearing grease has failed can cause noise, Volkwagen Brazil stated, and continued use can cause the wheel to lock. In extreme cases, there may be detachment of the wheel, the company said, possibly causing an accident.

Volkswagen Brazil is sending letters to owners of vehicles involved in the recall, which outlines plans for dealers to conduct free inspections of rear wheel bearings. The inspection takes an estimated one and a half hours to complete. The company said it will apply grease, and if necessary, change the bearing.

The Novo Gol is a four-door sub-compact car, and the Voyage is its sedan variant.

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