Oil Leak, Dipstick Drive Recalls


A loose oil pipe bolt led to a recall of diesel trucks by Isuzu Motors, while a defective oil filler plug/dipstick resulted in a motorcycle recall by Triumph.

Isuzu is recalling 2,992 model year 2006 and 2007 Isuzu, GMC and Chevrolet diesel trucks in the United States equipped with 4H series engines, which were manufactured at Isuzus Fujisawa plant in Japan.

Due to insufficient torque applied during the installation of the oil pipe bolt, engine lubrication oil may seep or leak from the packing seals at the vacuum pump, Isuzu stated in its Dec. 15 information report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If the condition goes unnoticed, it is possible that the engine may seize. As oil is lost, the trucks oil warning lamp will illuminate and there may be abnormal engine noise, the company added.

The safety recall is expected to begin in late January or early February 2011. Dealers will replace the packing seals with new ones and tighten the bolt with a specified torque, at no charge.

Triumph will recall 216 model year 2010 Sprint ST and GT motorcycles in the United States because the oil filler plug/dipstick in their engines is too long. The motorcycles plug/dipstick is a combination part fitted into the engine clutch cover, which is part of the engine assembly.

Should a dealer or customer rely upon the accuracy of the original dip stick, the motor will appear to have been overfilled with oil, Triumph explained in its Dec. 14 notification report to the NHTSA. Removal of oil (to align with the markings on the dip stick) will reduce the oil capacity of the motor. Should the motor consume oil as part of its normal function, the engine could run to minimal capacities, resulting in engine damage, leading to a loss of control.

Should the oil levels become low, the engine will make excessive noise, and the oil pressure warning light will illuminate on the motorcycles instruments, Triumph noted.

The recall was expected to begin in December 2010. Dealers will remove and replace the engine oil filler plug/dipstick at no charge.

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