GM to Launch ACDelco Dexos


General Motors will launch a new semi-synthetic ACDelco-branded, Dexos-licensed engine oil to be manufactured by ExxonMobil.
Scheduled for launch later this year in the United States and Canada, ExxonMobil will make GMs new semi-synthetic Dexos engine oil. ExxonMobil will sell ACDelco Dexos 1 5W-30 to GM, ExxonMobil spokeswoman Kristen Hellmer told Lube Report.
GM confirmed that it will offer its own ACDelco Dexos to consumers. The selection of synthetic blend and the price positioning of ACDelco branded Dexos to GM dealerships was carefully thought out and completely intentional, Don Vogrin, GM product manager for customer care and aftersales, told Lube Report.
We expect GM dealers will be able to offer ACDelco Dexos oil very successfully in their marketplaces. We expect that Dexos will also be sold and marketed outside of GM dealers. However, this is not in the control of GM customer care and aftersales.
GM calls its trademarked specification dexos.

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