Low-oil Issue Prompts Recall


The possibility that insufficient engine oil could damage a key engine part led Daihatsu Motor Co. in Japan to recall more than 70,000 Hijet pickup trucks and vans.

Announced Thursday, the recall includes 70,411 Hijet pickup trucks and vans built from December 2007 to April 2010, all with three-speed automatic transmissions.

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Driving the vehicle frequently at high speeds with insufficient motor oil may cause a key metal connecting rod in the engine to burn out, the recall notice states, resulting in a strange noise and eventually in engine failure.

The recall calls for a change to the settings of the vehicles engine oil pressure warning device, adding a control to limit the engines rpm speed when the warning light comes on. As a temporary stopgap measure, Daihatsu recommended checking the engines motor oil level on a daily basis.

Daihatsu is notifying users and automobile maintenance businesses in Japan about the recall.

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