Infineum Builds New Detergent Plant


Infineum Singapore has begun preparations for a new salicylate manufacturing plant at its Jurong Island, Singapore, site, with startup expected in 2013. Salicylate is a detergent used in automotive, heavy-duty and marine engine oil formulations.

Completion of front-end engineering and design by Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific is expected in early 2011. The construction phase is scheduled for 2012 to 2013, with commissioning and startup to occur in the second half of 2013.

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The plant has been located in Singapore with a view to serving growth in Asia Pacific, Sara Lefcourt, Infineum vice president of supply, told Lube Report. However, Infineum runs its operations on a globally-integrated basis, so products from this plant and from the existing facility in Berre in France will be used to serve our global customers in the most efficient manner possible. While the Singapore plants size is confidential, Lefcourt noted it has been sized to meet the future demand needs of Infineums key customers.

Salicylate detergents have long been recognized as key components for the formulation of premium tier lubricants in the crankcase and marine industries, she observed. They are sulfur free, and hence very valuable in a low SAPS [sulphated ash, phosphorus, sulfur] environment, Lefcourt explained. Salicylate detergents also yield very high levels of piston cleanliness – particularly useful in premium tier passenger car and heavy duty diesel formulations – and asphaltene dispersancy for trunk piston engine oil marine formulation, she continued.

Salicylates can be formulated into all performance levels of crankcase applications and all base oil groups, Lefcourt said, but find their widest application in premium tier formulations. As such, they are extensively used in Group III and IV applications.

With the assistance of the relevant Singapore government departments, we have been able to progress this salicylate investment project through its initial stages on schedule to meet our 2013 startup target, said Trevor Russell, Infineum group vice president of sales and marketing, and chief strategy officer.

Infineum Singapore has appointed Xavier Leleux as venture manager and Teo Lek Hong as project manager for the salicylate facility.

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