Brake Leak Prompts BMW Recall


Risk of brake failure from vibration causing brake lines to rupture and leak hydraulic fluid led BMW to recall 15,532 model year 2005 to 2009 motorcycles, starting in July.

The motorcycle models recalled include the BMW/K 1200 GT, and several BMW/R 1200 variants, over various model year ranges.

Due to the current routing of the front brake lines, BMW said, brake lines could be under strain during riding and associated vibration.

If the vibration and strain is significant, the brake lines could split and leak, BMW noted in its June 15 letter to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. If this happened, the level of fluid in the reservoir of the front brake system could drop, BMW stated. If this goes unnoticed, and the break fluid reservoir runs empty, the front brakes could fail. The rear brakes would remain available and would be able to slow and stop the motorcycle, the German company asserted.

BMW issued a similar recall in 2008. It pointed out that non-U.S. field reports indicated the repair for that earlier recall was not sufficient in some cases, which prompted more analysis and development of a further improvement.

For the July 2010 recall, dealers will install new brake lines, containing a protective sleeve along a portion of the lines, on all affected motorcycles free of charge.

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