Chemical Prices Rise


Cognis will increase prices on compounded lubricant and grease products, Vantage will raise prices for tallow based oleic acid, Oxea plans to hike costs for polyols used in synthetic lubricants, and Huntsman marked up prices on amines and carbonates utilized in lubricants production.

Starting July 1, or as provided by individual contracts, Cognis will raise prices 6 to 9 percent on its Emgard, Proeco and Roadranger lines of compounded lubricant and grease products for the North American Free Trade Agreement region.

This increase is necessitated by the unabated rise in cost for critical lubricant components, including base stock, esters and additives, stated Cognis, of Dusseldorf, Germany.

Vantage Oleochemicals stated that effective July 1, for non-contracted customers or as contracts allow, it will increase prices by 5 cents per pound on all grades of its tallow based oleic acid manufactured in Chicago, where Vantage is based.

The price change has been prompted by the continued elevated level of tallow, the high demand for all liquid carboxylic acids in the North American market, and by an increased demand in the international markets specifically for oleic acid, Vantage explained. Carboxylic acids are used to make coatings, lubricants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products.

Oberhausen, Germany-based Oxea said that effective July 1, or as contracts allow, it will bump up list and off-list prices on neopentylglycol by 9 cents per pound in North America, $200 per metric ton in Latin America, and 50 per ton (U.S. $60 per ton) in Europe.

Neopentylgylcol is a polyalcohol that are widely used in solvent-free coatings as well as in the production of polyurethanes, alkyd resins and synthetic lubricants.

Huntsman of Woodlands, Texas, increased prices in Europe effective June 15, or as contracts allow, by 50 to 100 per ton for polyetheramines, by 150 to 250 per ton for ethyleneamines, and by 75 to 100 per ton for carbonates.

Lubricant and fuel additives are key applications for polyetheramines, which are used as carrier oils, detergents and dispersing agents. Ethyleneamines are employed as intermediates in the manufacture of lubricant additives. Carbonates are chemical intermediates used in the lubricants, foundry, polyurethane and coatings industries.

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