Partnership to Bring Graphene to Middle East


Partnership to Bring Graphene to Middle East
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HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. announced today it will collaborate with Gulf Cryo LLC to produce, distribute and sell of HydroGraph’s graphene in the Middle East, for applications including lubricants and greases.

HydroGraph entered into a memo of understanding signed May 13 with Gulf Cryo, which manufactures and provides industrial, medical and specialty gases in the Middle East and Africa. The companies agreed to work together to establish a commercial-scale production unit that uses Hydrograph’s Hyperion System. According to HydroGraph, the Hyperion method is a synthesis process that involves filling a chamber with hydrocarbon and oxygen. Igniting the mixture with a small spark results in the formation of graphene.

HydroGraph will provide technical, operational and application expertise, while Gulf Cryo will bring business development and operating resources.

In particular the partnership will target the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt, focusing on the lubricants, resins, bottling and concrete industries. Planning and market assessment are expected to last three to five months.

Graphene is a two-dimensional material comprised of a single layer of atoms, impermeable to liquids and gases and helpful in reducing friction and wear.

HydroGraph President and Interim CEO Kjirstin Bruere said the companies partnered for several reasons.

“In addition to being a leading provider of acetylene to the Middle East and offering the required feedstock to HydroGraph’s high-purity graphene production process, Gulf Cryo has strong operational capabilities and shares many of the same target customers as us,” Bruere said in a news release.

HydroGraph Clean Power was founded in 2017 with a goal to commercialize green, cost-effective processes to manufacture graphene and other nano materials in bulk. Publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange since December 2021, the company acquired the exclusive global license from Kansas State University to produce both graphene and hydrogen through its patented detonation process.

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