Germany Demand Dipped in November


Germany Demand Dipped in November

Germany’s domestic lubricant demand decreased 4% to 55,842 tons in November, according to data released Feb. 1 by a German government agency. The total excludes base oils, base oil refining extracts and industrial oils not used in lubrication.

Motor oil sales increased 3% to 19,815 tons in November, compared to the same month in 2021, according to data from the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Exported Control.

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Demand for automatic transmission fluid jumped 29% to 4,897 tons, and gear oils for cars was up 26% at 3,932 tons, while industrial gear oils climbed 55% to 2,846 tons.

Hydraulic oils demand declined 12% to 6,274 tons and sales of transformer oil decreased 10% to 1,186 tons, while sales of machine oils dropped 31% to 2,013 tons.

All metalworking oil segment categories dropped in demand in November. Water-miscible oils demand fell 39% to 1,192 tons, while non-water miscible oils demand dropped 42% to 1,221 tons. Corrosion inhibitors declined 37% to 215 tons.

Overall grease demand decreased 11% to 2,043 tons, while greases for automotive applications increased 2% to 564 tons.

The data includes process oils, which declined 13% to 8,861 tons in November.