Lubes’n’Greases January Issue Available


Lubes’n’Greases January Issue Available

The January issue explores trends in base stocks and finished lubricants. Discover how two new lubricant manufacturing processes can decrease energy usage as well as what the future may hold for bright stock demand. Plus, find out what NLGI and ELGI’s grease working groups have been up to recently and how their work may affect the industry.

Also in this issue:

Is the Future Bright for Bright Stock?
Group I capacity has been dwindling for years and is expected to continue on a downhill slide. Is bright stock facing a similar fate? 

Need to Know – Lower Demand Demanding More from PCMO
Demand for passenger car motor oil is on the decline. Tom Glenn discusses how this trend may affect lubricant formulations as well as the companies that make them.

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Your Business – Your Business is Business
In most situations, it is wise for companies to avoid taking public social and political stances. Jack Goodhue explains why.

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January 2023

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