France Market Continues Downward Trend


France Market Continues Downward Trend

Finished lubricant demand in France dropped in April to its lowest point since last August, continuing a 10-month streak of year-on-year decreases broken only by a 2% uptick in January.

Consumption declined 10% to 37,699 metric tons in April, the lowest volume since 36,112 tons last August, according to data released by the Paris-based Professional Lubricants Center.

Demand for automotive lubricants demand declined 9% to 22,139 tons in April.

Passenger car engine oil demand decreased 1% to 13,330 tons, while sales of engine oils for commercial diesel vehicles fell 12% to 927 tons. Automatic transmission fluid sales increased 3% to 821 tons. Demand for automotive grease dropped 25% to 264 tons.

Industrial lubricants demand – not including process oils – slid 13% to 11,671 tons.

Hydraulic transmission oil demand declined 14% to 4,793 tons. Within the category, non-flammable hydraulic transmission oils showed the deepest decrease, falling 38% to 208 tons. Standard-viscosity index hydraulic transmission oil demand fell 25% to 1,128 tons. High-viscosity index hydraulic transmission oil posted the smallest decrease at 7%, to 3,457 tons.

Compressor oils demand tumbled 36% to 168 tons. Demand for oil for refrigeration compressors plummeted 51% to 52 tons, and consumption of other types of refrigeration oils fell 27% to 116 tons.

Process oil demand was down 12% to 3,889 tons in March.