France Lube Demand Rose Slightly in January


France Lube Demand Rose Slightly in January

France’s lubricant consumption increased 2% to 42,000 tons in January, compared to the same month last year, Paris-based Professional Lubricants Center reported in data released March 16.

Automotive lubricants consumption edged up 2%, and the industrial segment swelled 4%, while demand for process oils was flat.

The country consumed 23,361 tons of automotive lubricants in January, compared to 22,933 tons in the first month of 2022. Passenger car engine oil demand increased 4% to 13,737 tons, while sales of engine oils for commercial diesel vehicles rose 11% to 1,197 tons. Automatic transmission fluid demand went up 13% to 836 tons, while consumption of automotive greases declined 11% to 342 tons.

Industrial lubricants demand – not including process oils – rose from 13,571 tons to 14,058 tons. Consumption of hydraulic oil increased 6% to 5,927 tons, as two of its sub-categories increased and one declined. Demand for non-flammable hydraulic oils shot up 70% to 598 tons, and consumption of high-viscosity-index oils increased 6% to 3,963 tons. Sales of standard-viscosity-index oils fell 10% to 1,366 tons.

Industrial grease consumption climbed 10% to 1,379 tons.

The two metalworking fluid variants both showed slight year-on-year growth. Consumption of non-soluble types rose 4% to 1,105 tons, and sales of soluble types increased 1% to 1,019 tons.

Demand for turbine oils jumped 76% to 188 tons. Compressor oil consumption declined 8% to 210 tons. Demand for refrigerator compressor oils stayed flat at 71 tons, while sales of other compressor oils slid 12% to 139 tons.

Consumption of process oils was barely changed at 4,617 tons.